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Old Hickory Lake Triathlon

Date Saturday, June 22 2013
LocationHendersonville, Tennessee
  • Sprint - 400yd Swim / 1mi Run / 12mi Bike / 2mi Run

Tips For Racing


You will probably need as much as 600-800mg sodium/hr. You can still be sodium depleted if all you drink is water b/c plain water doesn't replace the sodium that you lose through sweat. The body will cool itself better when it is in electrolyte balance; avoid cramping and heat related illness.


Drink 2 gulps (4 oz) every 15 minutes (you can set a timer on your watch if you forget while cycling).

Carry 2 bottles on the bike - 1 water and 1 sports drink.


On the run: Wear a visor and take 2 cups of water at every aid stations - 1 for your head and 1 to drink. Carry ice in your hands to cool down, Tuck ice towel around your neck.


During and after the race: You should eat some ice and try to drink COLD fluids.


Keep positive - Don't say the word "HOT" - remember how cold you were this winter - keep that in the front of your mind (seriously)!!

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