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Old Hickory Lake Triathlon

Date Saturday, June 22 2013
LocationHendersonville, Tennessee
  • Sprint - 400yd Swim / 1mi Run / 12mi Bike / 2mi Run

Course Detail

Course Map Links:  See full details below for each leg of the race

Main Staging Area Map: Sumner County YMCA
Swim Course and Swim to Run Transition Area
Run #1 from Swim Area to Main Staging Area at Sumner County YMCA
Bike Course
Run #2 from Sumner YMCA - out and back course

Main Staging Area

Your main staging area (Transition Area #2 and the Finish Line) is just beside the Sumner County YMCA. There will be a brief pre-race meeting at 7 am on Race Day in the Transition Area #2. You will then head down to the swim start, about a 0.6 mile walk. You should wear running shoes and warm clothing down to swim start. You will receive a bag at registration labeled with you name and race number. Please take this bag to the swim start if you plan to leave any clothing. Your bag will be brought back to the main staging area for you to claim after you finish the race.

Swim Course (400 yards)
Your swim course is in a smooth, quiet inlet of Old Hickory Lake. Buoys will mark your 400 yard course. The course is basically a rectangle. There will be Sumner County Emergency Management Officials in boats and several volunteers in kayaks and canoes for your safety. Should you need to stop during the swim, you can hang onto one of the boats, then continue to swim, as long as you do not advance forward with assistance from the boat. If you are having trouble during the swim, pump your arm in the air and you will receive help immediately. You will be entering the water individually, in a "time trial" start. Your individual race time begins when you enter the water. Racers enter the water every 3 - 5 seconds. This type start will be much more relaxing than a mass swim start. You enter the swim based on your race number, from lowest to highest number. Race Numbers are assigned based on your estimated swim time that you turned in on your entry form. Your racking position in transition is also organized by your race number.

Transition #1: From Swim to 1st Run

There will be an area marked for you to place your running gear in the parking lot adjacent to the swim exit. You will exit the swim, go to your designated spot in the parking lot to put on your running shoes and any other race attire. You may leave your swim cap and goggles and any other items in your labeled bag when you leave for your run. These items will be taken to the finish area where you can claim your belongings. You are also welcome to not bring a bag if you plan on just putting on running shoes to run to Transition #2. You can carry your swim cap and goggles with you on the run. Spectator Note: If your family and friends want to watch you swim, please caution them to stay to the side of the road when they leave the swim area. This road is YOUR 1st run course. Thanks!

1st Run Course (1 mile)

The run course starts off up-hill, but then has some nice, flat areas as you approach the main staging area at the Sumner YMCA.

Transition #2: 1st Run to Bike and From Bike to Final Run

You will enter transition #2 from your 1st run, find your bike, bike out-and-back for a total of 12 miles, rack your back IN THE SAME PLACE on the designated bike rack, then leave for your final run.

The race transition area is organized based on your assigned race number. The bike racks are marked by ranges of "7" numbers, beginning with 1 through 7 and so on. Bikes do not have to be racked in numerical order ON the rack, but must be placed on the rack designated for your race number range.  Sorry folks, for safety reasons, no balloons or items may be attached to racks to help you locate your spot.  Feel free to bring your sidewalk chalk.

Bike Course (12 miles)

The bike course is a pure out and back course using lanes closed completely to traffic on Gallatin Road and Vietnam Veteran's Boulevard. This course will have zero residential areas and no sharing of the road with automobiles. Cones will separate bikers going out and back on the "north bound" side of Vietnam Veteran's Blvd and cones will separate bikers out and back on the short segment of Gallatin Road and there will be cones separating bikes from cars on this section.

2nd Run Course (2 miles)

The 2nd run course is out-and-back.

You start by heading down hill out of transition #2, stay flat for most of the run, then climb the same steady hill back to the main staging area for a short, downhill finish into the Sumner YMCA North Parking Lot.


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