Helena Smith

Helena Smith

Helena Smith, Mobile, AL

Helena is an avid marathon runner and also frequents many of the group rides in her local cycling community.  She has been a Fleet Feet Sports No Boundaries mentor and loves to help friends that aren't runners discover they are.  And once she hooks them on running then triathlon is of course the next step!  Helena confesses to being a science nerd and is a former marine biologist, specifically a polychaete taxonomist, who identified marine worms to species level. Sadly, she says it is a dying profession, which is a shame because new species of ocean critters are discovered every day!  She also raises chickens and periodically includes them in her social media posts.

Why Helena likes Team Magic events:  My first ever half marathon was Team Magic’s Kaiser Coastal Half Marathon.  I was talked into it by a coworker and really didn't enjoy running at all at that point.  After completing the Kaiser Half I was hooked! I signed up for a marathon the next day! I blame you guys for my racing addiction! Team Magic has a great race series of high quality events.

Motivational Quote:  If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong!  I struggle with this from time to time. Missing that mark for that shiny PR or crashing and burning when you are trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon definitely puts a damper on things. If you are too hard on yourself, it will just make life and training miserable. Give yourself a break, learn from your mistakes, find that joy, and eat that cupcake.

2017 Race Schedule:  Mountain Lakes Tri, Alabama Coastal Tri, Kaiser Half Marathon and maybe Chattanooga Waterfront Tri

Connect with Helena: @Run4funrace2plc and Facebook as Helena Boudreaux Smith